My name is Natalie Marquez-Soriano, and I am blessed to be alive and happy to have you here! I am 41 years old, a mom to six amazing humans, three fur babies, and happily married to a Veteran of the Marine Corps. Our kids range in age from 6-23, and we live in Southern California. We love to go hiking, spend time at the beach, and play board games. As a family we have had our fair share of challenges and my personal journey has been anything but easy. I am grateful to God that he has allowed us to discover the possibility of reinvention! I believe that my most valuable assets as a coach are my love for people, and my life experience. I am looking forward to meeting you and supporting you with creating a life you love. Please contact me and let's schedule a connection call!


All About Your Coach

Natalie Marquez-Soriano has passion for life and a gift for being able to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Natalie has a Masters degree in Education, with an emphasis in Adult Education and Corporate Training, is a certified Public Speaker and Coach with the John Maxwell Team, and is a John Hanley, PHD Certified Quantum Transformational Trainer. She serves at her church regularly and hosts a Women's Bible Study on Wed nights. Natalie's life experience and empowering perspective on life combined with her stand that people are always senior to their circumstances makes her a highly effective coach. Her life has not been without its challenges, and her ability to conquer them and reinvent herself through it all is what makes her relatable. Whatever you're committed to creating, whatever breakthrough you may be looking for, whatever is next for you, you can trust Natalie to support you in making it happen.