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The Re-Training

Transformational Leadership

A 3-day interactive workshop designed to support you with discovering what's been limiting you so you can lead your life, and your teams to victory. Re-train the way you think. Reinvent who you are being. Renew your passion for life. Rewrite your story. 

Aug. 26-28 Orange
County, CA. 

Upcoming Events

  • The Re-Training
    Fri, Aug 26
    Orange County, CA, USA
    Aug 26, 3:00 PM
    Orange County, CA, USA
    Maximize your results and enhance your experience of life in relationships, career, health, and finances. Develop leadership tools to lead yourself and your team to victory.
  • Women Rising Retreat
    Thu, Oct 06
    Las Gaviotas, Baja California, Mexico
    Oct 06, 3:00 PM PDT – Oct 08, 5:00 PM PDT
    Las Gaviotas, Baja California, Mexico
    Join us for a Women's only retreat! We will explore biblical principles for purposeful living and enjoy a time of connecting, learning, and lifting each other up. Come get refreshed and revived!
  • Children's Leadership- G.I.A.
    Time is TBD
    Orange County, CA, USA
    Time is TBD
    Orange County, CA, USA
    Your child can be an Agent of Gratitude and Integrity in the world! This training is for ages 6-12. They will learn: * How to be a person of integrity * How to practice gratitude * Appreciation for family * The value of responsibility * Healthy forms of self-expression


for Breakthrough Performance


Coaching can be highly valuable for anyone committed to experiencing breakthroughs in their business, relationships, finances, health, and overall life. The foundation for the type of coaching we offer you is commitment. We are committed to your commitments. First, we support you with getting clear on what that looks like. Then, we illuminate for you a new perspective that can eliminate what's been limiting you. We don't provide answers, we ask you questions in a way that has you arrive at new ways of thinking, being, and doing. Allowing you the space to create the breakthroughs you have been longing for.

About our approach

Unlocking the possibilities within you.

The stand I take for you is that you are an extraordinary human being capable of creating a life where you experience joy, fulfillment, peace, passion, and love. I am a partner with you committed to having you win in life, however that looks for you. I will simply ask questions that will lead to insights that can support you with creating the results you declare for yourself. Offering a new perspective, and opening up possibilities that up until now, have been unavailable to you. I am looking forward to creating with you.


Natalie has supported me with shifting my perspective and being able to focus on my goals. She helped me recognize every situation as a learning opportunity regardless of the outcome.  Her coaching showed me that accomplishing my goals requires consistency and commitment. Natalie has a great way of getting you to see what’s missing and coaching you along the way. 


John Jamaica


It wasn't until I met Natalie that I really understood, and experienced the value of coaching. Natalie supports me to notice the lense through which I view the world.  She has taught me processes that I can use daily to shift my perspective and my conversations in order to continually transform. She asks the right questions that have me arrive at my own solutions. Through her coaching, I have found my faith, overcome heartbreak, and I’m a stronger woman as a result. Natalie is more than just a Transformational Coach to me, she is my sister in Christ, a true friend, and most of all, she is family.

Jeannette Mora


Having  Natalie as my Coach has been a very rewarding experience. Her support has influenced and impacted my life in a great way. I’ve been able to let go of my stories about the past, create possibilities, and my faith and confidence have grown. She is an amazing human being and I love and respect her. I recommend her coaching and training to friends and family.

Vicky Quinonez


Having Natalie as my Coach has been an awesome experience. She’s helped me to recognize the negative conversations in my head as well as shift them. Her coaching has benefited my relationships and my personal growth. I recommend her coaching for people of all backgrounds, professions, and ages.

Elmer Mayorga


Soriano Coaching has been instrumental in my personal and relational growth. Natalie supports me to see the blind spots in my personal life. She asks questions, and explains things in a way that brings about awareness. I am very grateful for the recommendations she provides, and the new perspective I gain, which has improved my communication with the people I love. I highly recommend her services!

David Martinez


Coaching with Natalie has been a profound experience for me.  I learned ways to create new possibilities in my professional and personal life.  With Natalie's coaching, I now have the ability to shift my thinking about my future and most importantly to shift my attitudes and thoughts about my relationships. Natalie has such a wonderful way of asking the right questions that allow me to see a new perspective. I highly recommend Natalie's transformational coaching.

Christine Renold



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